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Our Purpose

There are thousands of foodservice buyers around the globe looking for new products and services. There are thousands of foodservice sellers across six continents in over 190 countries with new products and services to sell. We make it easier for these buyers and sellers to find whatever they are looking for, whatever “it” may be.’s Reach Spans Across The Globe!

The U.S. has the world’s largest restaurant industry, with annual revenues exceeding $580b among 1 million foodservice outlets. But if you look from a global perspective, there are massive opportunities in the worldwide restaurant industry, with multi-millions of foodservice outlets in hundreds of countries needing suppliers and distributors. You can use to connect with other regions around the world.

Revolutionize “finding” with our Buyer Needs Board™

Companies can post their Buyer Needs on our Buyer Needs Board™, whether it’s a need for a new chicken supplier, a pizza oven or a wine glass from Italy. Suppliers with an Enhanced Listing can then view the Buyer Needs Board, and respond to the ones relevant for them! Easy peasy.

We All Win Through Promotions

Whether it’s excess inventory, launching a new product, or handing out a limited time offer, buyers will get the best deals from our suppliers on a weekly basis. Our sellers post great promotions and deals exclusively created for our buyers! It’s a win win for everyone.

What Do We Do?

Welcome to, the world's most comprehensive “finding engine” connecting foodservice buyers with suppliers and distributors around the world!

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